Fr. P.P. Ekka, S.J.

About Rev. Dr. Peter Paul Ekka s.j.

Born in Samtoli, Simdega in a humble Tribal family, Rev. Father Peter Paul had his early education in St. Mary's High School, Samtoli and St. Ignatius High School, Gumla. His father Anthony Ekka earned the distinction of being the First Graduate from this region, having obtained his B.A. degree of Calcutta University. He was popularly known as BA - babu in the village. Father Peter Paul became a member of the Society of Jesus in 1973, and in 1978 obtained B.Sc. degree from SXC, Ranchi University. In 1981 he post-graduated in Chemistry from Loyola College, Chennai. He studied Philosophy in De Nobili College, Pune. Thereafter, he studied Theology in Vidya Jyoti, Delhi. He undertook an Advanced course in Chemistry from Marquette University, USA. He passed the Ph.D. Examination of RU in 2011 in Chemistry. He carried out administrative responsibility as Registrar & Vice-Principal of St. Xavier's College Ranchi.

His world view developed from his observation of the struggle of the tribal people of Jharkhand who have migrated to Assam, Andmans and other states of India as cheap labourers.

With regard to his panache for literary creativity Father Peter Paul states "Literature has partly come to me as heritage and partly developed and decorated through personal care & effort. Whatever I observe and feel touches the core of my heart. All his stories are written against the backdrop of the tribal ambience of Chotanagpur. These stories unravel the tribal life very intimately.



Dr. Fr. Peter Paul Ekka, sj

  Born in Samtoli (Badkatoli), Simdega, Jharkhand in humble tribal family. Had his early education in his village itself. In 1973 he joined the Society of Jesus and was ordained a Priest in 1987.He was educated in Ranchi, Chennai, Pune, New Delhi, and Marquette University (USA).Matriculation from St. Ignatius High School Gumla, Intermediate from St. Xavier's college, Ranchi, Novitiate & Juniorate from St. Stanislaus College, Sitagarha, Hazaribagh. B.Sc. (Chemistry Hons.) from St. Xavier's College, Ranchi. Post Graduate studies in Chemistry from Loyola College, Chennai, Philosophy from De Nobili College (Gyanadeepa Vidyapeeth), Pune and Theology from Vidya Jyoti, Delhi.  Advanced studies in Chemistry from Marquette University (USA) . He did his Ph.D from the University of Ranchi, Ranchi. Started teaching Chemistry in JAN-1989 and besides being a professor of Chemistry at St. Xavier's College, Ranchi, he has also carried out administrative responsibilities as Registrar and then as the Vice-Principal of the college and working as HOD, Department of Chemistry till date.


Awards and Accolades:

1. India International Friendship society

  •  a. Shiksha Ratan Puraskar-Delhi (20th Oct 2011).
  •  b. Indira Gandhi Shiromani Award, Delhi (17th Dec 2011).
  •  c. Glory of India Award, Dubai (18th Nov 2011).

2. International Publishing House

  •  a. Best Citizen of India (2011).

3. International Institute of Education and Management

  •  a. Vijay Rattan Gold Medal (2016).

4. International Business Council

  •  a. Star of Asia (2016).


  •  a. Life time Education Achievement Award (4th September 2016)


  •  a. Akhra Sahiyta Samman, 2017.


List of Publications:

1. Short Stories Collection

  •    a.Khula Aasman Band Dishayen
  •    b. Rajkumaron Ke Desh Mein
  •    c. Parti Jameen
  •    d. Chhittiz Ki Talash Mein

2. Novels

  •    a. Palas Ke Phool
  •    b. Son Pahari
  •    c. Moun Ghati
  •    d. Jungle Ke Geet

3. Memoire

  •    a. Loor Gomke


Brief Summary:

Fr. Peter Paul Ekka, s.j. has published a number of collections of his short stories and also four novels. His novels include Son Pahari, Maun Ghati, and Jungle ke Geet. His short story collections are Khula Aasman Band Dishayen, Rajkumaron ke Desh Mein, Chhittiz ki Talash Mein, Parti Jameen and one memoir Loor Gomke. His stories and novels are sensitive portrayals of the struggle of the Tribal people of Jharkhand who have to migrate as cheap labourers to far-off places like Assam, the Andamans and other states of India. All his stories and novels display great authenticity of experience since he himself belongs to the Tribal community.

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